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We exist to help other charities.  Our foundation disperses all money we collect to registered 501c3 charitable causes.  For our current grant we have partnered with  Zimzet is a website for product based fundraisers.  Through the partnership if you are a qualified organization and sign up for a free account on Zimzet you will qualify for up to $1,000 in grant funds.  The amount will depend on your organization and some qualifications such as how many contacts you have, how many active volunteers, etc.  There’s absolutely no cost to participate, you just have to qualify and try a campaign.

We have a maximum grant available of $1,000 to qualified charitable organizations with a focus on helping children in difficult circumstances.  Whether a child has a disease, living in foster care or recently lost a family member and needs help with the grieving process, we are here to help.  If your organization is looking for grant money and is willing to trya a FREE campaign on Zimzet, please start the process by submitting the form below.

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