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Grow revenue for your business by participating in the Zimzet partner program!

We are working with Zimzet to help local causes/ charities raise money and awareness.  Part of that is engaging with the local communities of each of our partner charities.  We work with charities and groups in over 50 markets across the USA.  And we can help your business get in front of them!

It’s totally FREE to join, and you’ll get some great exposure to the local community.  Be a hero for a cause!

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changeMake your business ZOOM with Zimzet!

  • Over $2 Billion generated annually from cause marketing
  • People are willing to pay MORE when a company is associated with a cause they care about
  • Tap into the growing cause focused sales channels



locked-5Strengthen your brand

  • When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, over 90% of shoppers are likely to SWITCH to a brand with a cause.
  • Keep pr
    emium pricing by associating your brand with local causes
  • 52% of shoppers worldwide check to ensure the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact.



Major brands are already successful with cause marketing:

amazonstarbucksford coke  dove   subway

Cause marketing has been fantastic for our business!  Because of it we have gotten more customers and even some fantastic press, including being featured on NBC Nightly News.  Working with causes and giving back is now an important part of our business.

— Maybell Abrahams, Operations Manager,, an INC500 award winner

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